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Active Ingredient-Systems

NEOVITA constantly explores the newest scientific results to be able to offer safe and competent solutions of the latest development in research. All innovative ingredient systems by NEOVITA have scientifically documented effectiveness profiles and dermatological tested tolerance levels. The skin’s natural lipid coat is strengthened.




The natural lipid-barrier of the skin will be strengthened
The basic raw-materials of NEOVITA are selected consequently by their, well known for many years, effectiveness and good skin tolerance. Complete herbal lipids in highest quality are supplemented with in-house, complex won extracts. Intensive moisturizers and vitamins in food grade complete the balanced formulations.


Effective treatment systems
NEOVITA HerbaCeuticals combines the extremely high-quality products with treatment systems. For modern equipment technologies in particular Ultrasound, special devised treatment systems are provided for best effects.


Excellent tolerability, also for sensitive skin
All NEOVITA-products are sterile-packed in aerosol containers. Unlike common products, the active ingredients in NEOVITA HerbaCeuticals reach the skin entirely without direct or indirect preservatives. The convenient mousse carrier prevents any contamination and guarantees the sterile packaging of the products.


Highest product quality by particular application
Unlike other packagings, the mousse carrier guarantees unique product quality and absolute pureness in form of product sterilization.The valve of the mousse carrier prevents contamination of the product upon extraction. The impermeable dispenser preserves the high product quality and protects the sensitive ingredients against the negative influence of light and atmospheric oxygen.


Optimal bioavailability of the ingredients
In the fine bubbles of the mousse, the innovative ingredient-systems are distributed micro-finely. The large surface area of the creamy mousse enables the active-ingredient concentrates to be absorbed better by the skin and unfold their effects. The mousse form is pleasant, and allows exactly dosed use and guarantees the best possible bioavailability of the active ingredients.



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