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Aluminium Container Environmentally Friendly

The filling of highly effective NEOVITA products in aerosol containers

NEOVITA uses aluminium aerosol containers of highest quality for the filling of its innovative products. The product quality can be ensured longer in comparison to conventional packaging due to the use of the aluminium dispenser. Since aluminium is non-transparent and airtight, the ingredients have no contact to light or to the air, the quality of the high-grade, innovative ingredient-systems remains lastingly. To ensure the shelf-life of the products, NEOVITA uses physical pressure-sterilization. Only aerosol containers sealed with the absolute tight valves ensure that all ingredients are free of any preservatives and can be kept on long term. The aerosol containers are sterile on the inside.


All containers have an internal protective layer (2) authorized for food, that completely coats the container on the inside. The product therefore never has contact to the aluminium (1). A contamination of the product because of aluminium or aluminium compounds is therefore eliminated. Of course, we also do not use any ingredients containing aluminium in our products.

The aluminium container has other considerable advantages in comparison to other conventional packaging materials. Compared to other packagings, recycled aluminium has no loss of valuable material.


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