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Innovative new products

In the NEOVITA COSMETICS laboratories, new products on the basis of the Salutogenic Beauty Concept are constantly being developed, to offer customers worldwide, treatments at the newest stand of research to provide the best healthy skin-care possible. Furthermore, in-market products are constantly being further developed and optimized by newest standards. You will find a short introduction of the newest products on the market here.


Cell Vitality3

With Cell Vitality³, NEOVITA COSMETICS presents an innovative skin-care series for everyone with a modern job and lifestyle and with days that are “longer than 24 hours”. Cell Vitality³ offers effective protection and regeneration against a new phenomenon or our times – “Digital Aging” - caused by intensive Smartphone usage and long working hours in front of a monitor.


Cell Vitality restores a healthy bio-rhythm in circumstances of irregular active - and rest phases, pleasantly revitalizes the skin, leaving it fresh and radiant. Cell Vitality³ is a series for everyone wanting a little “more”!

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NEOVITA Grape Seed Peeling Set


With NEOVITA Grape Seed Peeling Set you can individually choose the intensity of the peeling. The individually dosable combination of the Grape Seed Peeling Parts with the Grape Seed Peeling Mousse provides effective, intensive skin cleansing and pampers at the same time with gentle care.

Grape Seed Peeling Mousse is a caring base mousse and is mixed with the high-quality Grape Seed Peeling Parts that characterize this mechanical peeling. During the intensive skin cleansing process, it also cares for the skin through the exquisite combination of skin pampering oils such as grape seed, rape seed and soybean oil. Natural moisturizing factors support the extraordinary properties of the oils used.

Grape Seed Peeling Parts is a fine peeling powder - based on 100% natural ingredients and free of microplastics. Extracts of finely powdered grape seeds are optimally supported in their peeling effect by the moisturizing properties of natural sucrose. The Grape Seed Peeling Parts are combined with the Grape Seed Peeling Mousse to create a mechanical peeling with individually adjustable intensity for intensive skin cleansing.



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