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Cell Vitality3

With Cell Vitality3, NEOVITA COSMETICS presents an innovative skin-care series for everyone with a modern job and lifestyle and with days that are “longer than 24 hours”. Cell Vitality3 offers effective protection and regeneration against a new phenomenon or our times – “Digital Aging” - caused by intensive Smartphone usage and long working hours in front of a monitor. Cell Vitality3 restores a healthy bio-rhythm in circumstances of irregular active - and rest phases, pleasantly revitalizes the skin, leaving it fresh and radiant. Cell Vitality3 is a series for everyone wanting a little “more”!

The active ingredient system Cell Vitality3 is the exponentiated skin care solution to respond to modern ways of living.

cell-vitality-portraitNatural Cell Vitality Complex
Natural Cell Vitality Complex gives the skin-cells energy and thus enables a reduction of wrinkles from inside out. The skin is radiant, strengthened, smoother, and appears well-cared for. It has energizing effects, effectively and lastingly increases the cell functions, supplies moisture, increases skin-elasticity, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles and prevents the deepening of existing wrinkles.

BlueLight Protect & Repair Complex
Protects against and globally supports regeneration of skin-damage caused by oxidative stress because of daily light exposure: Blue light rays, UV rays, Infrared rays. Additionally, supports the active maintenance of cell communication and all cell functions and strengthens the skin matrix.

PL Stemcell Complex
Lessens the reduction of the extra cellular matrix and delays the cellular senescence. This can foster the increase of the skin density and thickness and strengthen the dermal-epidermal connection zone of the skin. This results among others, in the restoration of viscoelastic properties of the skin. The skin appears padded, firmed and youthfully supple.

Cell Vitality Produkte

Elixir 4 Eyes
The ultra-light Elixir 4 Eyes is an intensive, vitalizing and invigorating Serum-Gel for the eye area, prone to stowage’s and eye shadows.

The highly effective combination of the ingredient-system Bright Eyes with vitalizing Caffeine and strengthening Buckeye activates the micro-circulation, relieves the swollen eye area and noticeably strengthens the fine capillary vessels.

The ingredient system Cell Vitality3 and Vitamin B3 provide energy, supply intensive protection against negative influences caused by blue light, boost all cell functions, activate the skin’s own repair mechanism lastingly, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and protect against loss of skin tension.

A bright, glowing eye-area is the result!


Ready 4 Day
Ready 4 Day is the perfect companion during an active day! The innovative Ingredient-System Cell Vitality3, invigorating Caffeine and strengthening Buckeye provide the skin cells with an extra boost of energy, highly protect against negative influences caused by Blue Light and oxidative stress, boost all cell functions, strengthen and tone the skin, leaving the skin with remarkable vitality and radiance.

The interplay of high-grade oils such as Avocado, Passion Flower Oil with plant-based Squalane gives the skin a silky, cared-for feeling.


Recover @ Night
The composition of the Ingredient-System Cell Vitality3 with its highest Ceramide compound and global regenerating Vitamin B3 fosters the repair of cell damage by “Digital Aging” and oxidative stress, stimulates micro-circulation and supports the skin’s own self-healing capabilities during the sleeping phase.

Soja, Grapeseed Oil and Shea Butter supplement nourishing Avocado and Passion Flower Oil and gently caress the skin.

The warm scent of Oranges, lavender and Sandalwood pleasantly calms the senses.


Mask 4 Energy
The Stimulating Mask 4 Energy activates all cell functions with a highly-efficient combination of the Ingredient System Natural Cell Vitality Complex, highly-dosed Hyaluronic acid, the maritime energy of Seaweed Extract and Dead Sea Salt. The Ingredient-System PL Stem Cell Complex globally and long-lastingly supports the skin’s own repair mechanisms.

Noticeable revitalized skin is the result!


Cell Vitality Booster
In demanding and active situations, Cell Vitality Booster takes especially good care of your skin with an extra boost of moisture and energy with highly-dosed Hyaluronic Acid and the exclusive Natural Cell Vitality Complex! By the way – make-up is perfectly fixated with this energizing skin-caring spray.




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