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Skin Protect Skin Care

Our environment, also including the air, is burdened by exhaust gases and dirt particles as well as by cigarette smoke and heavy metals. These pollutants deposit on to the skin. They affect the functional capability of the human cells, important skin components are removed.

Optimal skin care against negative environmental factors is important for the prevention of pre-skin aging and stressed skin. Appropriate skin-care products have the function to relieve the skin of environmental pollutants and to destroy free radicals before damage can occur to the skin.



Pharao’s Pommegranate Serum
The intensive serum features highly concentrated Pomegranate extract. The bio-active ingredients of the Pomegranate combined with extracts from the rare Pharaoh’s Wheat protect the skin from oxidative stress and negative environmental influences.


Pharao’s Anti-Stress Mask
Rich mousse care mask has Apricot Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Argan Oil. In this multi-active basis the effective ingredient system of PHARAO'S SECRET with complete extracts of Pharaoh’s Wheat and Pomegranate provide an ideal basis for the intensive care.


Anti Pollution Mousse
NEOVITA Anti Pollution Mousse contains the NEOVITA Ingredient-System Pharao’s Secret. The especially innovative and effective Anti-Stress Ingredient-System acts against several environmental influences. Anti Pollution Mousse uses the synergy of Pomegranate extract and the unique Pharao’s Wheat. The ancient Pharao’s wheat passed on by the Egyptians has a proven, special effectiveness against negative environmental influences, strengthens the cells-own defenses, improves the supply of energy to the skin cells and prevents pre-mature aging of the skin (pre-aging effect).


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