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Teint & Finishing

You have no desire to wear make-up every day but do not want to completely do without? In this case the ideal solution is the soft Foundation Mousse formula in three color variations by NEOVITA. The Foundation Mousse products provide a noticeable even complexion and give the skin a soft, radiant appearance. The natural appearance of the skin is retained without the sometimes stiff effect of make-up.

The gentle mousse formulas intensively deliver moisture and are very skin-compatible. The Mousse-Carrier-System ensures easy and even application. The optimal formulas let the skin breathe and prevent the skin from perspiring underneath.

NEOVITA Mineral Make-up Mousse formulas are the ideal solutions for even, excellent, but still natural coverage. The color agents are of natural earth pigments in food quality. They provide for excellent coverage and very advantageous light refraction. The face appears pure and even, skin impurities and redness disappear.

The unique gel-mousse texture ensures easy and even application of the make-up. It elegantly and gently protects the skin without clogging the pores. Covers naturally and has a softening effect also especially suited for sensitive skin as an alternative to conventional make-up. The skin has a natural, beautiful glow.



Foundation Mousse light, medium & dark
Innovative skin care mousse for natural, refreshed and well cared-for skin. The mousse supplies moisture and provides a flawless matte complexion with a soft, natural tone. Small irregularities disappear instantly due to light-reflecting pigments, resulting in smooth and naturally gleaming skin.

Depending upon desired tone effect, Foundation Mousse can be applied very thin or thicker. The soft mousse always enables optimal, even appliance.

Available in three skin tones, light, medium and dark. Tones can be easily mixed to achieve individual shades. The tone is achieved only by natural color pigments.


Mineral Make-up light, light-beige, ivory, medium & dark
Natural Make-up with purest color pigments on mineral basis. The innovative NEOVITA Mousse-System allows especially easy spreading on the skin. Mineral Make-up provides excellent coverage while letting the skin breathe freely, leaving a natural, beautiful complexion. Mineral Make-up is free of any preservatives, paraffins, mineral oils and silicones as well as fragrance and perfume substances. It is especially suited for persons with sensitive skin.

Available in the tones light, ivory, medium and dark. The tones can be individually mixed with each another. The color effect is created exclusively by natural color pigments.


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