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Ultimate Anti-Aging

The demands of mature skin are especially high. Decreasing elasticity and vitality tire the skin, causing it to lose its glowing radiance. Due to tightness of the facial muscles, wrinkles gain the upper hand. To give skin back its radiance, NEOVITA HerbaCeuticals have developed the exclusive, absolutely new DERMATRIX-Formula. The triple effect formula combines natural Bio-Argan Oil, with the extract of the Hibiscus Esculentus seed, which reduces expression lines and skin’s own matrikines, filling wrinkles from within.



Anti-Aging Liposomes
Extraordinary 24h care comes from the highest-quality natural anti-aging ingredients. With the exclusive DERMATRIX complex against the three most common signs of skin aging. The anti-aging effect is strengthened by natural moisture-retaining factors, phytosterols, Vitamins E and A, finest Grapeseed Oil, and Shea Butter. A preventative care effect and visible skin smoothing develops in a gentle way for a glowing beautiful appearance.

Anti-Aging Intensive
Especially rich anti-aging night care as well as 24h care for very dry skin. Composed of the highest-quality natural anti-aging ingredients. With the exclusive NEOVITA DERMATRIX complex against the three most common signs of skin aging. A preventative care effect and visible skin smoothing develops in a gentle way for a glowing beautiful appearance. A plant-based booster strengthens the repair effect of Vitamins E and A.

Lifting Eye Care
Intensive-acting anti-aging eye care. The section of skin around the eye is very thin and sensitive. Lifting Eye Care reduces puffiness, supplies moisture and smoothes intensively. The synergistical system of DERMATRIX is especially effective in this tender skin area. Lifting Eye Care fights visibly against moisture loss, collagen reduction and the harmful influences of free radicals. The gel mousse is absorbed into the skin immediately.

Anti-Aging Lifting Mask
Noticeably smoother skin through the combination of DERMATRIX and finest oils deriving from Grape Seed, Jojoba and Apricot seeds. High-quality Shea Butter and Argan Oil, along with active ingredients such as phytoestrogens, antioxidants, and Vitamin E, strengthen and invigorate the skin structure. Extracts from White Tea and Ginkgo offer protection from free radicals. Hyaluronic acid and Panthenol supply intensive moisture.

Lifting Booster
Highly-effective concentrate with immediate results. The innovative product formula for intensive, all-day firming of the face, throat, and eye area. Protection lasts the entire day until evening facial cleansing. Always apply as last product to the skin. The extract of the Hibiscus Seed furnishes an immediate effect for reduction of expression lines.

Hyaluron Vitamins
Strong moisturizing intensive gel to foster cell regeneration of the skin. Fills the skin’s moisture storage, cushioning the skin from within. Promotes a radiant and firm complexion, strengthens the bio-matrix and renders soft, beautiful and smooth skin. Works actively against expression lines. The hyaluronic acid is especially highly-dosed and should therefore be used sparingly and should always be worked completely into the skin with Aloe Cooling Spray.

Mimik Relax
Light, intensive anti-age care concentrate with extended effect. Powerful against expression lines and the biological signs of skin aging. Contains high doses of natural hibiscus extract. The line-reducing effect, similar to that of Botulinum Toxin, is reversible and must be renewed after approx. 24 hours. The high-quality extracts from White Tea and Ginkgo protect the skin against environmental stress.

Aloe Cooling Spray
Intensive tonic for working active ingredients into the skin. Internal and external influences let the skin become dry. The desert plant Aloe Vera in combination with Provitamin B5 provides intensive moisture. After cleansing, Aloe Cooling Spray also serves to transport active substances into the skin. Also ideal during the day for refreshing the face and in winter for protection against dry heating air. The spray calms the skin after intensive UV exposure.

Pure Aloe Moisturizing Gel
Intensive moisturizing gel mousse. High-quality moisture booster for use in both day and night care. Pure Aloe Moisturizing Gel binds moisture in the skin long-term and is the optimal moisturizing foundation. Also ideal for skin calming with sunburn or traumatized skin. This product is fragrance-free.

Aloe Velvet Toner
Power tonic for extremely dry as well as for impure skin with enlarged pores. The natural kaolin works to reduce pores and normalize sebum secretion. Supports lifting and anti-aging products optimally, since it draws the active ingredients into the deeper skin layers almost like a magnet. The high concentration of active ingredients gives the two-phase lotion its light brown color and its delicate natural scent.


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