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To this day, the Salutogenic Beauty Concept in reference to maintaining healthy skin, as well as the effect due to the innovative, world-wide popular mousse formula in the area of professional SPA & Skin-care, is worldly unique.

The name Jürgen Singer appears in national and international professional magazines. Working and doing research at the Singer-Academy in Mauer/Heidelberg on the development of Salutogenic active ingredient systems for healthy skin in tight cooperation with university and dermatologists. Constant further and new developments, thank to intensive research are common and highly appreciated among professionals. For his innovative and mousse formulas, absolutely free of preservatives on the basis of physical pressure sterilization, Jürgen Singer has been presented with several national and international awards such as the Professional Anti-Aging Award, in 2012 the Professional Whitening Award from Sisters Beauty Pro in Hongkong and in 2013 the Professional Essence Award for NEOVITA Serum HY.

The effect of the innovative NEOVITA active ingredient system speaks for itself. The Salutogenic Beauty Concept promotes skin’s health maintenance, boosts skin’s own strength and reactivates the skin’s regeneration. The NEOVITA Mousse Carrier System ensures that the ingredient systems are spread easily in Micro-Mousse-Globules, allowing them to be absorbed by the skin to their fullest, resulting in a noticeably beautiful complexion.

Jürgen singer is a member of honorable national and international associations and organizations. A growing number of national and international cosmetologists have declared NEOVITA HerbaCeuticals as their number 1 choice, joining the group of NEOVITA fans.

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