NEOVITA COSMETICS is a new generation of Skin-care and SPA products

NEOVITA HerbaCeuticals combines the strength of plants with innovative high-class ingredient systems to a complete care system with especially effective treatment results.

NEOVITA HerbaCeuticals
 kugel are free of any preservatives due to the exclusive SINGER PROCEDURE
kugel are exceptionally effective by the innovative Mousse Carrier System
kugel are free of fillers, for examples artificial color, PEG-Emulsifiers, mineral oils, silicone oil, etc
kugel are friendly to the environmental with the unique, reusable foam dispenser
kugel abide strictly by the Salutogenic Beauty Concept for healthy skin
kugel the products of each treatment system are perfectly coordinated and harmonize with each other synergistically
kugel are highly yielding and economical with pure ingredient cosmetics
kugel offer a wide treatment spectrum from head to toe

Experience the unique care-free and new skin-care feeling of the gentle mousse-formulations!