Professional Product Award/HK 2016 for NEOVITA COSMETICS


The renowned professional magazine Sisters Beauty Pro in Hong Kong made their choice: In the category “Professional Eye Care Product“ NEOVITA Refreshing Eye Pads was the winner of the award 2015 best Eye skin-care product.

The award-winning NEOVITA Refreshing Eye Pads are moisturizing collagen fleece-pads and included in the Refreshing Eye Pad Sets. This ultimative special treatment consists of the award winning Eye Pads, NEOVITA Aloe Cooling Spray and NEOVITA Revitalizing Eye Care.

The collagen in the pads tightens the sensitive skin around the eye area and increases the skin’s elasticity. Furthermore it has a moisturizing and calming effect. Natural sea-algae contain lots of polysaccharides and trace elements and give the skin the perfect moisture-boost.

In previous years, NEOVITA products have received national and international awards and prizes.

Thus, in 2009, NEOVITA was awarded the READERS CHOICE AWARD of the German professional magazine BEAUTY FORUM for the product Balancing Effect Serum.

One year later NEOVITA received the Professional Anti-Aging Award of the renowned magazine SISTERS BEAUTY PRO in Hongkong for the products Pharaos Secret.

AwardsAgain a year later, NEOVITA is 3. Prize winner of the READERS CHOICE AWARD for the HerbaCeutical NEOVITENE in the category "sensitive skinSensible". Beyond this, in the same year, NEOVITA was presented the Professional Whitening Award for the product NEOWHITE Serum.

In 2013 followed again the Professional Anti-Aging Award in Hongkong for Anti-Aging Liposomes.

In 2014 NEOVITA has been awarded with the Professional Product Award for Lifting Eye Care.

The exceptional quality of NEOVITA HerbaCeuticals is therefore in many cases impressively recognized.