The unique NEOVITA Mousse-Carrier System

Finest, even encapsulation of the active ingredients in the mousse

The special mousse-technology of NEOVITA enables effective absorption of the active ingredients by the skin.

The innovative ingredients systems are evenly encapsulated in each single mousse ball.

The gentle mousse is evenly spread and absorbed into the skin extremely well. The Mousse-Carrier-System lets the skin-identical lipids in the NEOVITA products integrate long-lasting into the skin’s lipid coat.


This opens entrance points, in which the highly concentrated ingredient systems penetrate into the skin, enabling highest results to be achieved.

An occlusive film on the skin is prevented, allowing it to breathe.



Important: If remains of non-compatible pro-ducts are on the skin (lack of cleansing), or mineral oils and/or products containing silicone seal the skin (red layer), the Mousse-Carrier-System cannot bind with the skin. Optimal results cannot be achieved.


Therefore, do not mix NEOVITA products with other products.