The complete NEOVITA Skin Care-System

Various environmental influences, but also skin care products that are not optimally coordinated, can lead to stressed skin with an unbalanced skin-barrier.

Sensitive and delicate skin, unwanted reactions such as dry or oily skin, can be the result.



Step 1: Cleansing of the skin
To enable the active ingredients to provide optimal results, it is necessary to first cleanse the skin gently but thoroughly.

Apply a walnut size amount of Aloe Cleansing Foam to the damp skin, working with gentle circular movements from the bottom of the face to the top. Rinse off with luke-warm water or with damp cloth or compress.



Step 2: Toning of the skin
The toning of the skin with Soothing Aloe Tonic, Clarifying Tonic or Aloe Cooling Spray provides clarification of the skin’s structure.

It removes skin-irritating and harmful substances in the water, such as salt, chlorine, lime, etc., giving the skin new energy and strengthening the skin cells.



Step 3: Moisturization of the skin
Apply NEOVITA Cooling Spray or Pure Aloe Moisturizing Gel evenly onto the skin and leave it on to take effect.

The products normalize the skin’s functions and provide optimal moisturization of the skin, releasing the natural repair processes. A firming effect can be felt immediately.



Step 4: Regeneration and Caring of the skin
The reconstruction of the skin protective barrier is achieved with essential fatty acids from natural plant lipids in the day- and night care products. According to the skin’s profile and condition, the innovative ingredient systems in the skin care products provide an effective and lasting effect. The innovative NEOVITA ingredient system lets the skin breathe, regenerates it's natural functions and leaves the skin healthy.


The complete NEOVITA Care System only achieves optimal results when the single NEOVITA products in the treatment interact synergistically, complementing and reinforcing each other. Therefore, do not mix NEOVITA products with other products.