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Cell Vitality3

With Cell Vitality³, NEOVITA COSMETICS presents an innovative skin-care series for everyone with a modern job and lifestyle and with days that are “longer than 24 hours”. Cell Vitality³ offers effective protection and regeneration against a new phenomenon or our times – “Digital Aging” - caused by intensive Smartphone usage and long working hours in front of a monitor.

Cell Vitality Produkte

Cell Vitality restores a healthy bio-rhythm in circumstances of irregular active - and rest phases, pleasantly revitalizes the skin, leaving it fresh and radiant. Cell Vitality³ is a series for everyone wanting a little “more”!

The innovative Ingredient-System Cell Vitality3 is the exponentiated response to the demands of a modern lifestyle place on the skin: Read more!

Sunset Glow - Skin care after exposure to the sun

Whenever skin is pampered with selected ingredients, it enchants with a natural-healthy tan and youthful radiance.

After Sun Over-Night Relief
Sunset GlowIn situations of high UV exposure (for example in the summer or during a holiday in the sun), the skin needs special support during nightly regeneration. Lots of moisture, gentle cooling, anti-inflammatory effects and the repair of skin damage caused by UV rays are now the main concern.

After Sun Over-Night Relief supports the skin’s own repair mechanisms. Highly concentrated Aloe Vera fills the moisture depots of the skin long-lastingly, Sea Buckthorn extracts stimulate the repair of changes caused by light, Liquirecin and Provitamin B5 pleasantly calm skin stressed by UV rays

After Sun Body MousseThe rich, smooth After Sun Body Mousse has soothing properties with Panthenol and Liquirecin and supports the skin’s own repair mechanism with Sea Buckthorn after exposure to the sun. The moisture depots of the skin are filled long-lastingly with highly concentrated Aloe Vera and NMF’s. Apricot kernel oil leaves the skin feeling supple and smooth

NEOVITA receives Award for Day Face Protector SPF 30

Award Day Face Protector

The outstanding product quality of NEOVITA Day Face Protector SPF 30 was honored with the popular Professional Sun Protection Product Award of the renominated professional magazine Sister’s Beauty Pro. "We are very happy and proud that a NEOVITA product received such an honorable award and see this as an additional motivation for the development of new, innovative ingredient systems” said Mr. Jürgen Singer, Managing Director and Head of Research & Development of NEOVITA.

Day Face Protector SPF 30 is an especially effective light-protecting product with the innovative NEOVITA ingredient system. The combination of natural Titanium Dioxide against UV-B rays with intensively effective UV-A Light-protection-filters provides an extraordinary high prevention against pre-mature skin aging while also delivering perfect UV protection

The gentle mousse can be spread very easily on the skin and is absorbed immediately without leaving a white film. It leaves the skin feeling pleasantly cared-for without appearing sticky or oily.


NEOVITA Inside & Out is the newest innovation from the research and development laboratories of NEOVITA COSMETICS. It combines the effects of NutriCosmetics as a delicious juice from the inside with a luxurious skin-care serum with optimally coordinated care effects from the outside and is therefore a new, holistic concept for the beauty of the whole body.

Inside OUT

Clinical studies have shown that the effects of skin-care products in combination with perfectly coordinated NutriCosmetics from the inside can be significantly increased.

Essential factors for the natural beauty and softness of the skin are elasticity and smoothness. An important role for this is the Ceramide content in the skin.

With NEOVITA Inside & Out a holistic concept has been developed that helps to strengthen the elasticity of the skin and to noticeably reduce lines and wrinkles. Not only in the face but on the whole body.

NEOVITA Inside & Out offers an innovative holistic system for perfect skin – care guaranteed salutogenic and without any preservatives and fillers!


Produkte InsideOutJus de Beauté - NutriCosmetics for Drinking
The balanced composition of the exclusive NEOVITA CERA-INSIDE Formula No. 103 by NEOVITA with fresh-pressed juice of organically grown apples from the south-western part of Germany and bananas is delicious and refreshing and has a vitalizing effect on the entire organism. A holistic Power-Cocktail for your skin with noticeable results with regular use!

Serum de Beauté - Luxurious Power Skin-care Serum
The pleasant skin-caring serum combines the exclusive NEOVITA Cera-Inside formula no. 103 with high grade stem cell extract from Plantago Lanceolata and moisturizers.  It has a long-term skin-caring effect and enriches the skin with important Ceramides. The skin becomes soft and supple, lines and wrinkles are smoothed immediately. A synergistic caring effect is achieved in combination with the Jus de Beauté.


Plakette BSB Award


NEOVITA Inside & Out has been awarded with the 2. Place of the European Innovation Award BSB in 2019!