Moisture & Argan Skin Care

NEOVITA Moisture & Argan Skin Care is a premium, powerfully moisturizing intensive skin care line. The innovative ingredients system regulates and strengthens the natural skin functions and ensures a pre-aging effect, aimed at preventing premature signs of skin aging. Essential components are organic Argan Oil to strengthen the sensitive hydro-lipid film of the skin, Witch Hazel with its excellent skin-calming and anti-inflammatory qualities and a Moisture Plus Complex for optimal skin moisturization.

MoistureArgan-Produkte-grossActive Day Care
Highly Intensive 24h skin-care, is absorbed quickly, supplies intensive moisture. Strengthens the skin’s resistance with a gentle pre-aging effect. Also suitable for the care of children’s sensitive skin.

Intensive Night Care
Rich night-care with high emollient characteristics and retentive oils. Leaves a very light protective film without clogging the skin’s pores. Delivers ultimate moisturization and regenerates the skin’s barrier

Revitalizing Eye Care
Easy and effective care of the sensitive eye area. The gentle, easy to apply gel-mousse minimizes dark circles and puffiness and leaves the skin appearing smooth and radiant. Ideal for the sensitive eye area for every skin-type.

Neck & Decolleté Care
The gentle yet effective gel-mousse is tailored to the respective needs of the sensitive skin of neck and decolletè. It is absorbed by the skin quickly without leaving an unpleasant, oily film.

Liposome Serum
Extreme rich coctail of active ingredients for intensive skin care. The Hydrogel-Mousse with Liposomes collapses and loses volume quickly to ensure optimal absorption of the active ingredients. The full force of ingredients supplies the mousse its beige colour.

Hydro Balance Mask
With the combination of powerful ingredients, intensive serums applied under this mask can be absorbed by the skin to obtain their fullest efficiency. Hydro Balance Mask furnishes intensive moisture, stimulates cell regeneration and calms sensitive skin,leaving the skin perceptibly silky and soft, wrinkles and fine lines disappear.

Mousse Couperose
24h intensive-care for treatment of reddened skin. It protects and has a toning effect on the skin vessels and strengthens the capillary walls. Aloe Vera supplies moisture and soothes irritated skin. To increase the effect, apply Anti-Rosacea Serum CR prior to Mousse Couperose.

Mousse Couperose Intensive
Mousse Couperose Intensive is a rich and moisturizing 24h care suited for reddened and dry skin. This intensive care has a protecting and toning effect to the blood vessels and strengthens the capillary walls.

Foundation Mousse light, medium & dark
Innovative skin-care mousse for natural, refreshed and well cared-for skin. The mousse supplies moisture and provides a flawless matte complexion with a soft, natural tone. Small irregularities disappear instantly, due to light-reflecting pigments, resulting in smooth, naturally gleaming skin