The SINGER-Procedure

By a physical method of preservation of NEOVITA HerbaCeuticals are absolutely free of any chemical preservatives which can affect the skin flora.

This is the procedure through which nature makes spring water long-lasting. Only the mousse container permits this special technology:



1.) Considerate selection of innovative active-ingredient systems

2.) Careful processing to effective mousse products

3.) Filling in sterile sealed Mousse-Container. An absolute tight valve prevents any contamination of the sensitive content from the outside.

4.) The scientifically proven Singer Procedure and natural carbonic acid provide for sterile-packaged mousse products

5.) A mousse product absolutely free of any preservatives is available for application




The selected high-quality active ingredient cosmetics of NEOVITA HerbaCeuticals, different from conventional products, reach the skin completely without any direct or indirect preservatives. Therefore NEOVITA guarantees all products to be: Free of any preservatives.