As a company, we are aware that through our actions we also bear a responsibility towards future generations. Holistic thinking and sustainable action have therefore been at the heart of our NEOVITA philosophy since the company was founded and are reflected in every area of the company.

Whenever possible, we source our herbal ingredients from controlled organic cultivation or certified wild collections. wild collections. Almost all raw materials used come exclusively from EU countries. Furthermore, the absence of any preservatives not only ensures health-conscious products, but also reduces the burden on the environment.

In addition to the use of sustainable ingredients, it is also particularly important to us to keep the energy used in production as low as possible through optimised manufacturing processes. energy used in production as low as possible. Since 2023, we have also been covering a good two-thirds of our energy needs through our own photovoltaic system.

However, we have been making probably the most important contribution to environmental protection for more than 30 years - through our unique NEOVITA deposit system. All our products are offered in deposit dispensers, so that the empty mousse containers can simply be returned to the cosmetics institute and sent back to us. There, we ensure that all ingredients can be reused. This saves valuable raw materials and makes a lasting contribution to waste avoidance. 

Cosmetics in harmony with nature - for a relief of the environment and healthier skin.