Neodes - Saft & Soft Hand Wash Mousse

NEODES® Safe & Soft Hand Wash Mousse supports hygienic hand washing with its light disinfecting effect. The drying out of the hands is counteracted even in times of increased or intensive hand washing. A gentle film is applied to the skin like an invisible glove, protecting it without being unpleasant. NEODES® Safe & Soft Hand Wash Mousse was developed for you and your customers due to a current occasion - however, it is generally excellent for hygienic yet gentle hand cleansing. 

Take a walnut-sized ball of NEODES® Safe & Soft Hand Wash Mousse and wash moistened hands according to hygiene regulations. Rinse with running water. 

Active main ingredients:
Sugar-based washing substances, propanediol, glycerin, collagen.

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