Hyaluron Cleanser

The refreshing cleansing mousse Hyaluron Cleanser is the perfect starter product for any Neovita skincare ritual.  The luxurious combination of long-chain hyaluronic acid with smoothing soya oil leaves the skin feeling refreshed and noticeably plump immediately after cleansing. Betaine and sodium PCA are intensive moisturisers, particularly strong penetrators thanks to their skin-identical structures and very well tolerated by even the most sensitive skin. In addition, this combination promotes the formation of the skin's own moisturising factors and also supports the formation of aquaporins for improved fluid exchange between the cells of all epidermal layers. Propanediol is active both as a moisturiser and as an efficient action enhancer.

Hyaluron Cleanser gives every skin a deeply clean, refreshed feeling and provides it with an extra moisturising boost as soon as it is cleansed.

Application: Use in the morning and evening. Lather up a walnut-sized ball of Hyaluron Cleanser mousse, apply to damp skin with circular movements and massage gently. Remove thoroughly with warm, clear water or a compress.

Tone the skin with the Hyaluron Softener and complete your personal beauty ritual with the recommended NEOVITA HerbaCeuticalsTM.

Active main ingredients:
Hyaluronic acid (long-chain), soya oil, sodium PCA, betaine, sugar-based washing substances

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