Neck & Decolleté Care

Especially in the area of the neck and décolleté, the skin is exposed to very special stresses. To prevent these areas from drying out and premature loss of skin tone and elasticity, very intensive care is required. The airy, delicate mousse of Neck & Decolleté Care is easily and refreshingly absorbed by the skin and leaves no unpleasant film behind. The skin feels supple and luxuriously cared for for a long time.

Take a sufficient amount of Neck & Decolleté Care, spread gently and evenly on the neck and decolleté over the shoulders to the nape of the neck and massage in. If necessary, wet with a gentle spray of Aloe Cooling Spray and work in.

Active main ingredients:
Argan oil, jojoba oil, vitamin A, aloe vera, lecithin, Dead Sea salt.

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