Anti-Aging Essence

Hydration Essence

Anti-Aging Essence is a comprehensive, highly effective anti-aging serum for every demanding skin. The effective active ingredient system PMB+ and hyaluronic acid optimize the moisture supply to the deep cell layers of the epidermis and thus promote all cell functions as well as their receptiveness to impulses from all other active ingredients. The TEWL is lowered. The high-quality peptide compounds of the patented DERMATRIXTM Complex active ingredient system are ideally complemented by vitamin A and lecithin in their regenerative effects. The mimic micro-musculature is relieved, expression lines and expression wrinkles are smoothed. Valuable argan oil strengthens the barrier function of demanding skin. Anti-Aging Essence replenishes the skin from within, visibly smoothes and reactivates the skin's own regeneration mechanisms. Any demanding skin appears more youthful, vital and expressive

Apply in the morning and/or evening. Take out an almond-sized mousse ball of Anti-Aging Essence, apply to cleansed and toned skin of face, neck and décolleté, gently work in. Complete the NEOVITA beauty ritual with NEOVITA HerbaCeuticalsTM tailored to individual skin care needs.

Tip: Anti-Aging Essence complements all other NEOVITA Essences as an intensive night care serum to take action against the signs of time.

Active main ingredients:
PMB+ active ingredient system, DE active ingredient system.

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