Hyaluron Vitamins

Hyaluron Vitamins is the secret weapon for demanding skin against lines and wrinkles due to loss of moisture and elasticity of the skin. The intensive serum replenishes the skin's moisture stores, promotes the skin's ability to regenerate, boosts all cell functions and thus plumps up the skin from the inside out. It gives a noticeably firmer complexion and ensures youthfully supple and smoothed skin.

Apply in the morning and evening. Take a pearl-sized mousse ball of Hyaluron Vitamins, spread it on the cleansed, toned skin of the face, neck and décolleté and gently massage it in together with a fine spray of Aloe Cooling Spray. Then apply the recommended NEOVITA Eye Care as well as the NEOVITA HerbaCeuticalTM individually tailored to the skin's appearance and care needs.

Tip: Gently work Hyaluron Vitamins into deep lines and wrinkles first, then distribute over the entire face, neck and décolleté and work in completely with Aloe Cooling Spray.

Active main ingredients:
Hyaluronic acid, hibiscus seed extract, vitamin A, vitamin B5 (precursor), vitamin C, vitamin E, red algae extract.

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