Blue Light Defence Essence

Hydration Essence

Blue Light Defense Essence protects the skin against the negative environmental influences of our modern world and excellently counteracts the ubiquitous "digital aging". The active ingredient system BlueLight Protect & Repair efficiently counteracts the effects of HEV light - the "blue light" from screens, tablets, smartphones, LED-based devices and light sources. It thus actively protects the skin against "digital aging". The active ingredient system PMB+ in combination with the active ingredient system Natural Cell Vitality Complex, plant squalane and hyaluronic acid provide long-term moisture and additional cell energy. Passion flower oil is an active protective shield against all negative environmental influences. Blue Light Defense Essence leaves the skin perfectly hydrated, energized and smoothed, protected against premature aging caused by "digital aging" and resistant to all the influences of modern life.

Apply in the morning and evening. Take out an almond-sized mousse ball of Blue Light Defense Essence, apply to cleansed and toned skin of face, neck and décolleté, gently work in. Complete the NEOVITA beauty ritual with NEOVITA HerbaCeuticalsTM tailored to individual skin care needs.

Tip: Blue Light Defense Essence can be combined with any NEOVITA skin care line to counteract premature skin aging caused by "digital aging".

Active main ingredients:
PMB+ active ingredient system, We

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