Mousse Couperose

Mousse Couperose

Mousse Couperose is a balancing, soothing and strengthening care mousse for sensitive skin with redness, efflorescences and couperose in all its manifestations. The Anti-Couperose active ingredient system is a highly effective combination of extracts from horse chestnut, butcher's broom, tiger grass, ivy, red vine leaves and buckwheat. It has both a calming and anti-inflammatory effect and has lasting positive effects on the capillary system of the skin. Together with the active ingredient system LIQUIRECIN, provitamin B5, aloe vera and allantoin have a calming, soothing effect and support the anti-inflammatory effect in the long term. Valuable oils such as argan, rapeseed, grape seed and passion flower oil have an anti-oxidative, regenerative and protective effect. Vitamins A + E provide lasting support. Aloe vera moisturises and revitalises even sensitive skin.

Apply an almond-sized ball of Mousse Couperose to cleansed and toned skin in the morning and evening and work in gently.

Tip: To skilfully cover redness, we recommend Mineral Make-up (Complexion & Finishing).

Active main ingredients:
Anti-Couperose active ingredient system, LIQUIRECIN active ingredient system, argan oil, rapeseed oil, vitamin A, vitamin E, passion flower oil, aloe vera.

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