Cell Vitality³ # 24H Skin Care

Cell Vitality³ #24H Skin Care is uncomplicated 24-hour care for an active day with long screen time. The innovative active ingredient system Cell Vitality³, revitalising caffeine and strengthening horse chestnut provide the skin cells with additional energy, help protect against the negative effects of blue light and oxidative stress, boost cell functions, strengthen and firm the skin and give it remarkable vitality and radiance. Betaine and propanediol also increase and stabilise the moisture level in the skin, stimulate collagen synthesis, improve tone and elasticity and protect the skin against negative environmental influences. Cell Vitality³ #24H Skin Care for active protection against digital ageing and an incomparable skin feeling.

Shake occasionally before use, DO NOT shake when nearly empty. Hold can upright when removing. Clean the foam head with warm water after use.

Apply an almond-sized ball of Cell Vitality³ #24H Skin Care mousse to cleansed and toned skin in the morning and evening and work in gently.

To intensify the effect, apply Cell Vitality³ #Intensifier and then work in Cell Vitality³ #24H Skin Care with Aloe Cooling Spray.

Main active ingredients:
Active ingredient system Cell Vitality³, caffeine, horse chestnut, betaine, propanediol, vitamin B3

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