Cell Vitality³ Elixir 4 Eyes

The ultra-light Elixir 4 Eyes is an intensively vitalizing and invigorating serum-gel for the eye area, which is prone to congestion and dark circles.
The highly effective combination of the active ingredient system Bright Eyes and vitalizing caffeine as well as strengthening horse chestnut activates the microcirculation, relieves the puffy eye area and visibly strengthens the fine capillaries. The Cell Vitality³ active ingredient system and vitamin B3 provide energy, provide potent protection against the negative effects of blue light, boost all cell functions, sustainably activate the skin's own repair mechanisms and counteract fine lines and wrinkles as well as loss of elasticity.

Apply in the morning and evening.Spread a pearl-sized mousse ball of Elixir 4 Eyes with fingertips on the cleansed, toned eye area and work in gently.

Tip: If the eye area is dry and very low in lipids, Elixir 4 Eyes can be used as a serum.Then apply the recommended NEOVITA eye care over it as usual.

Active main ingredients:
NEOVITA active ingredient system Cell Vitality³, NEOVITA active ingredient system Bright Eyes, caffeine, horse chestnut, vitamin B3, hyaluronic acid, provitamin B5

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