Cell Vitality³ Ready 4 Day

Ready 4 Day is the perfect companion through an active day. The innovative Cell Vitality³ active ingredient system, invigorating caffeine and strengthening horse chestnut provide the skin cells with additional energy, help protect against the negative effects of blue light and oxidative stress, boost cell functions, strengthen and tone the skin and give it remarkable vitality and radiance. The interplay of high-quality oils such as avocado and passion flower oil with vegetable squalane gives every skin a silky, nourished feeling.

Apply in the morning or before starting the active phase in your personal daily routine. Take an almond-sized ball of Cell Vitality³ Ready 4 Day mousse, apply to cleansed, toned skin of the face, neck and décolleté and massage in gently.

Tip: To supplement the effect, apply Mimik Relax beforehand and work in gently with Aloe Cooling Spray. Regular use of Cell Vitality³ Ready 4 Day in combination with Cell Vitality³ Recover@Night supports a healthy bio-rhythm and strengthens the protective functions of the skin during active time.

Active main active ingredients:
Cell Vitality³ active ingredient system, caffeine, horse chestnut, squalane, avocado oil, passion flower oil, titanium dioxide as UV protection (approx. SPF 6).

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