Aloe Velvet Toner

Aloe Velvet Toner

Aloe Velvet Toner is a high-calibre care lotion for demanding skin. Highly dosed aloe vera enriched with natural healing clay and skin-strengthening witch hazel extract optimally supports anti-ageing products, as their active ingredients are drawn into deeper skin layers like a magnet. The high proportion of healing clay also has a pore-refining effect, normalises the flow of sebum and, in combination with witch hazel and rose petal and lemon balm extracts, gently stimulates the skin's own self-healing powers and regeneration mechanisms.

Apply in the morning and evening. After thorough cleansing with NEOVITA Cleansing Mousse, which is tailored to the skin type and care needs of the skin, ideally pat onto the entire face, neck and décolleté with the hands and work in well with a light massage. Applying the Aloe Velvet Toner with a cotton pad is uncomplicated.
However, "woman" unfortunately loses a not inconsiderable amount of the high-calibre care lotion.

Caution: Be careful with towels and clothing! Danger of stains due to brown healing clay colouring. Any stains can be removed again with stain remover for tea.

Active main ingredients:
Healing clay, aloe vera, witch hazel, rose petals, lemon balm, Dead Sea salt, provitamin B5.

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