Pure Aloe Moisturzing Gel

Pure Aloe Moisturizing Gel

Pure Aloe Moisturizing Gel is an intensively moisturising, oil-free, pure aloe vera gel strictly according to the Salutogenic Beauty Concept. Thanks to the gel mousse formulation, it is absorbed particularly quickly into the skin, provides extra moisture and has a lasting soothing and pleasantly cooling effect on the skin. The special properties of aloe vera allow the skin to absorb all subsequent active ingredients more quickly. The skin immediately appears noticeably smoother and softer.

In the daily care ritual: Use in the morning and evening. Apply an almond-sized ball of mousse to the cleansed and toned face, neck and décolleté and work it in with a light massage. Then apply the recommended NEOVITA eye care as well as the NEOVITA HerbaCeuticalTM individually tailored to the skin's appearance and care needs.

To relieve irritation in stressed skin: Apply generously to the skin and work in gently. To increase the effect, spread a fine spray of Aloe Cooling Spray over the skin area to be treated and work it in.

Active main ingredients:
Aloe Vera

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