Hyaluron 24h Skin Care

Hyaluron 24h Skin Care provides intensive moisture as round-the-clock care, sustainably increases the moisture level of the skin and effectively supplies the cells with additional energy. Propanediol is the perfect partner for the hyaluronic acid combination in the Hyaluron+ active ingredient system and, with its absorption-increasing effect, also contributes to the improved absorption of other caring active ingredients such as jojoba oil and lecithin. Betaine, together with the sodium PCA contained in the Hyaluron active ingredient system, ensures significantly improved moisture-binding capacity. The overall increase in the moisture level ensures an increase in cellular functions. The cell metabolism is additionally supported by ribose. The skin appears refreshed and energised.

Apply an almond-sized mousse ball of Hyaluron 24h Skin Care to cleansed and toned skin in the morning and evening and work in gently. To intensify the effect, apply Hyaluron Beauty Elixir and then work in Hyaluron 24h Skin Care with Aloe Cooling Spray.

Aktive Haupt-Wirkstoffe:
Wirkstoff-System Hyaluron, Betain, Propanediol, Ribose, Jojobaöl, Lecithin

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