Hyaluron Eye Care

Hyaluron Eye Care is an ultra-light and highly efficient hydro-gel mousse for every moisture-deficient eye area. The combination of the Hyaluron+ active ingredient system with high-quality moisture suppliers provides lasting moisture, promotes the formation of skin's own moisturizing factors and can thus significantly improve the moisture level. Vitamin B3, high-quality peptides and lecithin gently smooth the first lines and wrinkles and can counteract loss of elasticity in the delicate eye area. Phytosterols are active against oxidative stress as free radical scavengers. This combination promotes the skin's own regeneration and counteracts premature aging. Nourishing avocado and olive oil provide lasting care for the eye area without weighing it down. Hyaluron Eye Care leaves the moisture-depleted eye area glowing with vitality.

Apply a pearl-sized mousse ball of Hyaluron Eye Care to the cleansed and toned eye area in the morning and evening and gently work it into the upper and lower eyelids. Then complete the personal beauty ritual with the individually recommended NEOVITA care products. Also use Hyaluron Eye Care regularly in the morning and evening to care for the lip area and supplement with Perfect Lip Care de Luxe during the day.

Active main ingredients:
Active ingredient system hyaluron, vitamin B3, tetrapeptide-5, lecithin, phytosterols, avocado oil, olive oil.

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