Hyaluron Over Night Peel

Hyaluron Over-Night Peel is a smoothing and intensively nourishing peeling serum for overnight use. Encapsulation in the patented Time Release technology guarantees the absolutely safe application of the lactic acid used (AHA=fruit acid).
Hyaluronic acid in combination with high-quality moisturizers such as squalane, propanediol and jojoba oil provide the skin with intensive moisture, canola oil nourishes and arginine vitalizes. With regular use of Hyaluron Over-Night Peel, lines, wrinkles and pigment shifts can be reduced and the appearance of pores refined. The skin's ability to absorb active ingredients can be increased, sebum production positively regulated and the moisture level sustainably influenced. New cell formation can be supported and thus the skin structures improved.

Use as a cure or on a regular basis. In the evening, apply an almond-sized mousse ball of Hyaluron Over-Night Peel to cleansed and toned skin and work in gently. Avoid the eye area. Complete the personal beauty ritual with the recommended NEOVITA care products.

Active main ingredients:
Lactic acid and patented time-release technology, arginine, hyaluronic acid, squalane, jojoba oil, rapeseed oil.

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