Active Day Care

Active Day Care

Active Day Care is a high-quality day care for intensive and lasting moisturisation for combination, normal to dry skin. It has a skin-strengthening effect with a gentle pre-aging effect. Active Day Care is also suitable for the care of sensitive children's skin.

As day care for normal to dry skin: Use in the morning. Take an almond-sized ball of Active Day Care mousse, apply to cleansed, toned skin of the face, neck and décolleté and massage in gently.

As 24h care for combination and normal skin: Apply Active Day Care in the morning and evening as described.

Recommendation: To support the sustained moisturisation of the skin with Active Day Care, first gently apply a pearl-sized mousse ball of Pure Aloe Moisturising Gel to cleansed and toned skin and work it in with Aloe Cooling Spray. Then apply Active Day Care as described.

Main active ingredients:
Moisture & Argan active ingredient system, grape seed oil, rapeseed oil, avocado oil, provitamin B5, allantoin

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