Nutrition Essence

Hydration Essence

Nutrition Essence is a particularly intensively nourishing serum for any dry to very dry skin as well as for sensitive, quickly irritated and irritated skin. The effective active ingredient system PMB+ creates the basis for a regenerative, receptive and more resistant skin by sustainably building up a balanced moisture level. Carefully selected and harmoniously and synergistically coordinated high-quality plant oils soothe, relieve itching and inflammation, supply all important skin protection lipids and thus strengthen the barrier function in the long term. With Nutrition Essence, any skin appears soothingly nourished, resilient and strengthened.

Apply in the morning and evening. Take an almond-sized mousse ball of Nutrition Essence, apply to cleansed and toned skin of face, neck and décolleté, gently work in. Complete the NEOVITA beauty ritual with NEOVITA HerbaCeuticalsTM tailored to individual skin care needs.

Tip: Nutrition Essence can be applied locally to particularly irritated and stressed skin areas - also on the body and several times a day if required.

Active main ingredients:
PMB+ active ingredient system, evening primrose oil, rapeseed oil, hemp seed oil, argan oil, passion flower oil.

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