PNC De Make-up



De Make-up

De Make-up effortlessly removes heavy make-up, sweat, sebum, dirt or other environmental build-up. Even intensive or waterproof eye make-up is thoroughly removed without irritating the sensitive eye area. The skin is pleasantly pampered even during cleansing. It appears balanced, velvety-soft and radiantly beautiful.

To remove eye make-up: Put a little mousse on a cotton pad. Place the cotton pad briefly on the eyelid to gently loosen the make-up. Finally, gently remove the make-up with the cotton pad.

To remove make-up or cleanse heavily soiled skin: Use as needed. Apply a walnut-sized ball of mousse to dry skin, massage in gentle circular motions until a milky oily emulsion forms. Then remove with plenty of clean, warm water or a damp compress. If necessary, cleanse with Cleansing Foam.

For gentle cleansing of dry to very dry and highly sensitive skin: Use in the morning and evening as described above.

Active main ingredients:
Rapeseed oil, chamomile blossom

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