SPA Lotus Premium Handmousse

Lotus Premium Handmousse

This gentle mousse is quickly absorbed into the skin and is non-greasy. An optimal daily hand care also for neurodermatitis sufferers. Good hand care ensures regeneration of the skin and provides it intensively with sufficient moisture. High-quality essential
fatty acids in combination with rich, vegetable butters give even dry skin gentle suppleness and increase the elasticity of the hands. Provitamin B5 is known for its skin-regenerating properties. It also helps to promote wound healing in the case of minor abrasions and wounds. Likewise, provitamin B5 strengthens and fortifies the nails and cuticles.

Take a pea-sized amount as needed and massage into the hands and nails.

Active main ingredients:
Lotus flower, jojoba oil, passion flower oil, urea, provitamin B5, allatoin.

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