Rebal Salt Scrub De Luxe

Rebalacing Salt Scrub de Luxe

Rebalancing Salt Scrub de Luxe is a skin-softening scrub for the body. It removes impurities and horny cells, smoothes the epidermis and pampers and strengthens even dry, rough, flaky skin. Dead Sea salt remineralises the skin already during application. Grape seed and passion flower oil intensively nourish the body skin. Already after the first application, the body skin appears silky-soft and smooth. Regular use supports the skin's own ability to regenerate and all subsequent care products in their effect. A healthy, resistant and beautiful skin.

Mix briefly before use. Lightly emulsify in the palms with a little water and apply to damp body skin (2 to 3 tablespoons for a full body treatment, 1/2 to 1 tablespoon for a partial body treatment). Massage gently for 5 minutes, moistening the hands repeatedly. Then shower off or remove with a damp compress.

Note: Use only on intact skin.

Active main ingredients:
Dead Sea salt, passion flower oil, grape seed oil.

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