Vitamin Day Care


Vitamin Day Care is a refreshing and protective day care for normal and dry to very dry skin. The VitaminEffect active ingredient system protects every skin during the day against environmental and light-related skin stress. It strengthens the skin's own defences and acts as an effective anti-oxidant against too many free radicals. Used regularly, pigmentary shifts can be evened out and the complexion can appear more even. The combination of soy, avocado and jojoba oils underlines the vitalising effects, smoothes fine lines and first wrinkles, nourishes the skin and moisturises. Vitamin Day Care gives every normal to very dry skin that very special vitamin energy kick and a youthful, vital glow.

Application: In the morning, apply an almond-sized mousse ball of Vitamin Day Care to cleansed and toned skin and work in gently.

TIP: To intensify the effect, apply Vitamin Beauty Oil and then work in Vitamin Day Care with Aloe Cooling Spray.

Active main ingredients:
Vitamin Effect active ingredient system, PMB+ active ingredient system, soybean oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil.

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