Vitamin Eye Care


Vitamin Eye Care refreshes every exhausted, heavily stressed and/or light-stressed eye area with a particularly light, yet intensively nourishing cream-gel texture for that special vitamin kick. The VitaminEffect active ingredient system in combination with the plant-based booster active ingredient Phytosterol gives every exhausted, highly stressed and/or light-stressed skin new energy and promotes the skin's own defence mechanisms and repair functions. The combination of peptides and soya oil noticeably and visibly smoothes the first fine lines and wrinkles and sustainably strengthens the fine skin structure in the eye area. Jojoba and olive oil combine both moisture and abundant essential fatty acids to support regeneration, giving every skin suppleness. Vitamin Eye Care surprises every eye area with plenty of moisture and an invigorating freshness kick.

Apply a pearl-sized mousse ball of Vitamin Eye Care to the cleansed and toned eye area in the morning and evening and gently work it into the upper and lower eyelids. Then complete the personal beauty ritual with the recommended NEOVITA HerbaCeuticalsTM.

Active main active ingredients:
VitaminEffect active ingredient system, provitamin B5, tetrapeptide 5, soya oil, phytosterol, jojoba oil, olive oil.

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