Vitamin Effect Soother


Vitamin Soother is intensive moisture and vitalising vitamin C for spraying! The combination of vitamin C and aloe vera offers every skin small mini-breaks with a freshness kick - whether at home, on the road, at work, during sports, in everyday family life, at parties...

Vitamin Soother has a calming and pleasantly cooling effect after intensive sun exposure in summer. In winter, Vitamin Soother reduces the drying of the skin caused by heating air. Vitamin Soother revives any tired, exhausted and/or light-stressed skin with new energy.

After thorough cleansing, spread over the entire face, décolleté and neck. Work in well with a light massage. Enjoy a fine spray of Vitamin Soother also several times during the day. Vitamin Soother can be combined with all other NEOVITA skincare lines.

Active main ingredients:
Vitamin C, aloe vera, provitamin B5 (precursor)

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