X0 Hair, Beard & Body Shower

X0 Hair, Beard & Body Shower is a refreshing and nourishing shower mousse that perfectly complements the system care ritual of the well-groomed man. X0 Hair, Beard & Body Shower is also suitable as a hair and beard shampoo. Edelweiss and hemp seed oil boost the skin's own regeneration mechanisms. The active ingredient system LIQUIRECIN in combination with balloon vine extract and panthenol have a balancing and soothing effect. Menthyl lactate supports the invigorating effect of the X0 Hair, Beard & Body Shower. Body, hair and beard are elegantly cared for.The sporty, masculine fragrance is perfectly matched to the facial care and underlines a sensual, masculine aura.

Shower the entire body. Pour a sufficient amount of X0 Hair, Beard & Body Shower Mousse into the hand and spread over damp skin, hair and beard. Cleanse the entire body, then rinse off with plenty of water.

Active main ingredients:
LIQUIRECIN active ingredient system, balloon vine extract, edelweiss, hemp seed oil, provitamin B5, menthyl lactate.

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