X2 Calm & Tune

Calm & Tune

X2 Calm & Tune is a sustainably caring and pleasantly vitalising facial toner/after-shave with an efficient, masculine combination of active ingredients and the second step in the system care ritual of the well-groomed man.
The PowerBoost X active ingredient system vitalises pleasantly with edelweiss, provides plenty of moisture with ribose and NMFs, strengthens and is also gently soothing with balloon vine extract. In efficient unity with the active ingredient system LIQUIRECIN, panthenol and allantoin, the skin, which is heavily stressed by (daily) shaving, is destressed, its regeneration is promoted and itching and other irritations are sustainably relieved. The light menthol content provides invigorating freshness and noticeable vitality.UseAs a tonic: Use in the morning and evening.Dampen a cotton pad with the X2 Calm & Tune and sweep it from the centre of the face in the direction of growth of the beard hairs to the outer contour of the face. 

As an after-shave: After shaving, take a sufficient amount of X2 Calm & Tune and gently work it directly into the shaved skin.

Active main active ingredients:
PowerBoost X active ingredient system, LIQUIRECIN active ingredient system, NMF, allantoin, provitamin B5, menthol.

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