X4 24h Skin Power Gel

24h Power

X4 24h Skin Power Gel is a highly efficient gel mousse with a convincing formula of active ingredients for every skin type that prefers an invigorating, intensive, yet light and refreshing care texture.
X4 24h Skin Power Gel is the 4th step in the system care ritual of the well-groomed man. Regeneration-promoting edelweiss, moisturising ribose and soothing balloon vine extract combined in the PowerBoost X active ingredient system promote optimal cell care and strengthen the skin's barrier function. The BlueLight Protect & Repair active ingredient system actively combats "digital aging". Vitamin B3 as a further regeneration booster is perfectly complemented by the stimulating effect of caffeine and refreshing menthyl lactate. Aloe vera, squalane and avocado oil provide every man's skin with essential minerals and trace elements as well as important vitamins. Hyaluronic acid also replenishes the skin's own moisture depots.The skin appears youthfully vigorous and vital. 

Take an almond-sized ball of mousse X4 24h Skin Power Gel in the morning and evening. Apply to cleansed and toned skin.

Active main ingredients:
PowerBoost X active ingredient system, BlueLight Protect & Repair active ingredient system, vitamin B3, caffeine, avocado oil, squalane, aloe vera, menthyl lactate.

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