Brand History

Over 50 years of experience in the development of highly innovative products combined with the tradition of a family-run company guarantee success for our customers and our company to this day.


Responsibility & Training

NEOVITA is taking a big step towards climate neutrality with its own large solar plant and will produce 2/3 of its energy consumption itself in the future. The opening of our own, newly renovated training centre is another milestone.

The big relaunch of the popular Vitamin Effect line rounds off this eventful year.



Uncomplicated & Smart

NEOVITA expands its core range with the Hyaluron+ and XMen Skin Care lines, two uncomplicated skincare lines that are right on the pulse of the times. NEOVITA defies Corona and remains true to its institutes - simply smart.


A hail of prizes & innovations

NEOVITA receives numerous awards for its groundbreaking product innovations. At the same time, the company enters the international stage with its partners. With groundbreaking products and lines such as HairCare, Mineral Make-up Mousse, Inside & Out and Cell Vitality3, NEOVITA underlines its origins and innovative strength.


Clean. Beauty. NEOVITA

NEOVITA COSMETICS is founded and operates as an independent company under the management of Jürgen Singer.

The first care products are developed strictly according to the Salutogenic Beauty Concept, free of any preservatives. Innovative active ingredient and treatment systems quickly follow.


 Time for a Revolution

The first products without any preservatives are introduced and leave the market awestruck. The deposit and returnable system for foam dispenser cans, which still exists today, is launched and has always contributed to the protection of the environment and resources.


Make way and pay attention

The company grows and moves from Heidelberg to its current premises in Mauer. The pioneering SINGER procedure for preserving cosmetics without any conservatives is confirmed in scientific work by the University of Heidelberg.


All About Hair

The first mousses are introduced and revolutionise the market. Foam perms and CFC-free hair sprays follow. A water-saving shampoo and the offer of waste-reducing bulk packs underline the company's commitment to environmental protection right from the start.


The Visionary

Researcher and inventor Joachim Singer founds SINGER-KOSMETIK GmbH with the vision of making the impossible possible.