To this day, the Salutogene Beauty Concept is considered unique in the world in terms of maintaining healthy skin as well as an effect due to the innovative, globally very popular mousse formulations in the field of professional SPA & Skin-Care.

The name Jürgen Singer can be found in national as well as international professional journals. He works and researches at the Singer Academy in Mauer/Heidelberg on the development of salutogenic active ingredient systems for healthy skin in close cooperation with universities and dermatologists. Continuous further developments and new developments are self-evident thanks to intensive research and are highly appreciated in professional circles.

Jürgen Singer has received several awards at home and abroad for his innovative and absolutely preservative-free mousse formulations based on physical pressure sterilisation, such as the Professional Anti-Aging Award and in 2012 the Professional Whitening Award from Sisters Beauty Pro in Hong Kong.

The effect of the innovative NEOVITA active ingredient systems speaks for itself. The Saluotogene Beauty Concept promotes healthy skin, strengthens the skin's own powers and reactivates the skin's own regeneration. The unique NEOVITA Mousse Carrier System ensures that the active ingredient systems are evenly distributed in micro-mousse globules and are therefore particularly well delivered to the skin. Visibly and noticeably beautiful skin is the result.

Jürgen Singer is a certified cosmetic expert and safety assessor, as well as a member of prestigious national and international associations and organisations. More and more beauticians at home and abroad are choosing NEOVITA HerbaCeuticals and becoming members of the Neovitans Club.