The unique NEOVITA Mousse Carrier System

Inseparably linked to the SINGER process is the form of administration of the HerbaCeuticalsTM. Because only in the sterilely sealed mousse dispenser is it possible to preserve the high-quality products in the long term without any preservatives. But this is not the only reason why NEOVITA has developed the unique mousse carrier technology.

A prerequisite for high effectiveness of the ingredients and visible results on the skin is the right transport system. Because the active ingredients have to be optimally absorbed by the skin and brought to the right place of application in order to unfold their full effect. And this is precisely where the second major advantage of mousse technology lies. In the delicate mousse, the active ingredient systems are encapsulated in micro-foam beads. This means that they have a smaller surface area and, compared to conventional emulsions, can achieve 10 times more contact with the skin on the same surface area. When applied, they are evenly distributed on the skin and are particularly easily absorbed. The skin-identical lipids integrate into the lipid mantle of the skin and strengthen it. This opens up pathways into the skin and the active ingredient systems can be micro-delivered and perfectly absorbed by the skin and transported to the correct site of action. For an incomparable application feeling, the best possible effectiveness and skin that can breathe.



As if that were not enough, the mousse carrier technology offers another great advantage. The HerbaCeuticalsTM concentrated in the mousse dispenser are 10 times more productive than conventional care products.


Important: If there are residues of non-skin-compatible products on the skin (lack of cleansing) or products containing mineral oil and/or silicone close the skin (red layer), the mousse carrier system cannot bond with the skin. The optimal effect can then not be achieved.

Therefore, do not mix NEOVITA products with other products.