The product quality

The quality of the products and their unique effectiveness are the top priority for NEOVITA. The power of plants (herba) is combined with advanced high-class active ingredients to create the innovative active ingredient systems (ceuticals) of NEOVITA products. This characteristic structure is so special that we have even given it its own name. The products are therefore also called HerbaCeuticalsTM at NEOVITA.
The high-quality plant extracts of the HerbaCeuticals are produced in-house as gently and wholesomely as possible. When selecting the plants, NEOVITA naturally pays attention to the highest quality, whenever possible from controlled organic cultivation or from wild collections.

The high-class active ingredients used are also carefully selected according to their scientifically confirmed efficacy and optimal skin compatibility and naturally all meet the high requirements of the Salutogenic Beauty Concept. 

The combination of these high-quality plant extracts with selected high-class active ingredients results in the innovative active ingredient systems of NEOVITA HerbaCeuticals, which can fully develop their very specific effect in the individual care lines.

A prerequisite for high effectiveness of the ingredients and visible results on the skin is the right transport system. This is because the active ingredients must be optimally absorbed by the skin and brought to the right place of application in order to unfold their full effect. This is ensured by the NEOVITA Mousse-Carrier-Technology. In the delicate mousse, the active ingredient systems are encapsulated in micro-foam beads. When applied, they are evenly distributed on the skin and absorbed particularly easily. This ensures that the active ingredient systems are micro-delivered and perfectly absorbed by the skin. At the same time, its lipid mantle is strengthened and the skin can breathe. 

Pure ingredients, best compatibility and maximum effect thanks to the unique mousse technology give visibly more beautiful skin and an incomparably pleasant skin feeling.