The Salutogenic Beauty Concept

Health is the most important good in life. Of course, this also applies to the largest organ of the body, our skin. NEOVITA has always been committed to the creation and preservation of healthy skin. All aspects of product development have been fine-tuned to this ambitious goal. From the idea to the finished product, the entire process is subject to the Salutogenic Beauty Concept, which forms the basis for all NEOVITA products. The Salutogenic Beauty Concept guarantees healthy skin through:


  • freedom from any preservatives
  • sterile packaging in a mousse dispenser
  • freedom from fillers, mineral oils, silicone oils and dyes
  • the regeneration of the natural protective skin mantle

Preservatives, such as parabens, are used to kill germs in the product and thus make it durable. Practically all products in open jars or tubes must be preserved. However, when the product is applied to the skin, the important germs of the natural skin flora are destroyed. NEOVITA focuses on a holistic, health-conscious concept and has therefore developed a process that enables preservation without any preservatives. This is the patented SINGER-Process, which caused a sensation worldwide. The high-quality cosmetic products can thus be physically preserved without preservative chemical additives and packaged in a health-conscious way. The iconic mousse dispenser enables physical pressure sterilisation and has since ensured that the products are well protected from external contamination. At the same time, it guarantees the highest product quality, as the effectiveness of the high-quality ingredients is fully preserved in the light- and air-tight aerosol container.

Due to the unique manufacturing technology and the use of the mousse dispensers, NEOVITA can also do without all fillers, such as emulsifiers, synthetic thickeners and dyes, as well as mineral and silicone oils, which can damage the skin barrier and negatively influence the natural skin functions.

By avoiding all these synthetic substances in all NEOVITA products and applying only pure active ingredients to the skin, the natural skin protective layer can regenerate and the natural skin functions are maintained or restored.

The Salutogenic Beauty Concept forms the basis for healthy skin and a naturally beautiful radiance.