Instant Wrinkle Corrector


Instant Wrinkle Corrector plumps up any kind of wrinkles with an immediate effect and also provides intensive moisture. The effective, natural active ingredient system Physico-Anti-Wrinkle ensures rapid and noticeable reduction of all types of wrinkles and lines - proven in clinical tests. Hyaluronic acid and the Natural Cell Vitality Complex active ingredient system provide optimal and lasting support with moisture and energy for the cells. The micro-relief of the skin is smoothed. The skin appears re-energized, plumped and strengthened.

Apply after the finishing care. Take a pearl-sized amount and dab it into the wrinkles in question with your fingertips. Finally, apply make-up as usual.

Tip: The more gently the product is applied, the more effective it is.

Active main ingredients:
Physico-Anti-Wrinkle active ingredient system (Pullulan, Porphyridium Cruentum Extract); Hyaluronic acid, Natural Cell Vitality Complex active ingredient system.

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