Foundation Mousse Dark

The high-quality Foundation Mousse Dark is the alternative to intensive covering make-up and also has a nourishing effect. The delicate mousse always allows for optimal, even spreadability. Only the finest, high-quality natural earth pigments create a dark beige tint for demanding facial skin and give it a silky complexion. The easily variable coverage lends natural, timeless elegance.

Apply the usual NEOVITA day care to cleansed and toned skin. Remove Foundation Mousse Dark and distribute evenly.

Tip: Depending on the desired tinting effect, Foundation Mousse Dark can be applied very thinly or more intensively. If Foundation Mousse Dark is applied with the hands, the formulation melts perfectly into the skin surface due to the body heat of the hands and can thus be optimally worked in in several layers ("layering" method) to partially increase the coverage.

Active main ingredients:
Titanium dioxide (UVA/UVB protection), organic argan oil, almond oil, squalane, allantoin.

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